Easy 10 Minute “Trick” That Reduces Fatigue 65% For Tired, Stressed Moms

Do you have that tiredness all the time?

Then you’re going to love today’s episode!…

Welcome to another episode of Mom’s More Energy – Less Stress show!

Today’s episode is coming to you from right at the beginning of January where you’ll get hit with things pretty hot ‘n heavy as far as ads from gyms wanting you to lose weight!

Prior to losing weight, you should focus more on GETTING ENERGY!

And if you would like more of, focus on, obviously reducing that fatigue. 👇

The top mistake that I’ve seen people make with their New Year’s Resolutions of Weight loss is doing way too much, way too soon.

The body freaks out and hangs onto every calorie and pound it can get because it senses that a famine is afoot.

That’s why on this video, I show you that just start off by going for a walk. Nice, easy walk in the bright sunshine and soak up some rays and D’s.

Shoot for 3 days a week for 20 minutes…

…and that reduced fatigue around 65%, according to a University of Georgia study.

Work in the intervals if you want. Which means that you go fast for a bit, like 10 seconds – on up to 1 minute…

…then take a couple of minutes to cool down. Rinse and repeat!

Totally not necessary but still works pretty good to get the heart beating and fat burn turned up.

Hope that helps, and if you found this helpful, be sure to share it with one of your friends that might be struggling with fatigue a bit.

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