Hey Mom, Want To Know Why We Are So Against Stress & Tiredness?…

You’re pretty smart, so you probably have some sort of clue about WHY Stress & Tiredness is the enemy…

… but just so that you don’t overestimate this most dangerous of an enemy…

…allow me to read you a story of today’s: 

Mom Warrior’s More Energy – Less Stress Show! (don’t you love it when we get right to the point?) 😉

If you prefer to watch it, here’s me on video…


Coach Spiegel here reading aloud to you a couple of pages from my new favorite book:

“The Four Agreements” – By Don Miguel Ruiz 

My brillaint and loving Momma Dearest has read A LOT OF BOOKS! 

… and this was the ONLY book she has ever gifted EVERYONE in our family all at once. 

The only book she was so adamant about her loved ones reading. 

Myself included.

And after today NOW I know not only why she did that, but why I, Coach Spiegel, have felt so called to serve Moms. 

and my place in your journey and battle against Stress & Tiredness. 

Certainly watch the video above to get the full story… 

…otherwise if you’re more of a Reader, allow me to paraphrase the passage below here:

This in regards to the first Agreement…

…the Agreement with our word and knowing the POWER and MAGICAL nature that we have with our spoken words:


There was a woman, who was intelligent and had a beautiful heart. 
(just like you!) 😉

Loved her daughter dearly and adored her so.

One night she came home from a very tough day of working and going nonstop.

She was tired, hungry, full of emotional tension, and suffering from a terrible headache. 

All she wanted was Peace and Quiet…

… but it wasn’t happening. (can you relate?) 😞 

Her daughter loved to sing and dance, and that night, 

There she was, doing her thing… singing and jumping happily. 

And As most kiddos are…

…. this daughter was unaware of how her “short-fuse” Mom was feeling.

She was wrapped up in her own little world, just singing and dancing away. 

The daughter was having so much fun, and her singing got louder and louder. 

Singing so loud that it made her Mother’s headache even worse, and the tension in Mom’s head grew and grew. 

And in that moment, the Mother lost control. 

With anger taking over… Mom looked at her daughter and said some ill-intentioned harsh words…

…harsh words to make her STOP 🛑

“BE QUIET!!! YOU HAVE AN UGLY VOICE! JUST STOP SINGING!” – something to that effect. 😟

She didn’t mean it. Stress & Tiredness fueled those words. 

The truth of the matter is that ANY noise was painful to our overworked, overwhelmed, tired, stressed Mom. 

It wasn’t that the daughter’s voice was ugly. 

It was just the most pertinent sound penetrating Mom’s ears in that moment. 

The Mom is not at fault.

It is Stress & Tiredness that is the enemy. 

Unfortunately, the harmful effect is done all the same. 

And Mom’s most cherished loved one, her daughter, ended up paying the price. 

In that moment, the daughter believed what her mother said, and in that same moment…

… she made an Agreement with herself. 

An Agreement she didn’t realize she made (that’s where you’ll have to get this book and learn more about these “Agreements”) 

 After that she no longer sang, because she thought her voice was ugly and would bother any who heard it. 

She loved and trusted her Mom, so why would Mom say something like that to her if it wasn’t true. 

She became shy at school. 

If she was asked to sing, she refused. 

Everything changed in that little girl. 

Something she loved to do. Something that gave her great joy and happiness… 

… was unknowingly snatched away and stolen from her. Not by Mom, mind you. 


By Stress & Tiredness. 

Despite having a beautiful singing voice, she grew up to never share with gift with the world. 

Now, my dear Reader…

…this was ONE exchange at the hands of the enemy that is Stress & Tiredness.

ONE sentence spewed forth from the enemy of Stress & Tiredness that would affect the entire rest of her life. 

Could you imagine what day after day of this at the hands of this relentless enemy could do?

That is WHY when this Mom Warrior Brand and Show exists. 

To guide you in HOW TO fight this new enemy…

…because it’s not only YOUR well-being on the line that Stress & Tiredness wants to take from… 

…. but it’s also our children’s future, as well. 

So if you want to keep your kiddos safe, and stand with me against this Stress & Tiredness…

… then I invite you to join me in our free Private Facebook group…

… called the Mom Warrior Fighter Club 💪

Enrollment is now open, totally free, no catch…

… because you need to be made aware of how best to FIGHT this new enemy. 

How to Join:

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Step 2: It’ll ask you a couple of questions to weed out spam and the bots…. go ahead and answer them.

You have no idea how important you are! 

And Remember, you’re not alone in this fight for your Littles’ future!

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