Hey Mom, Want To Know Why You’re So Tired All The Time?… (it’s likely not your fault at all!)

so tired all the time

Well, At Last!… New discovery reveals that a sluggish liver is leaking the energy of 80% of innocent, unsuspecting Moms…. causing you to be tired all the time….

…The easy fix? It’s already in your kitchen! Even if…your usual crutches of coffee, soda, energy drinks, and naps are not quite cutting it enough.

“Years of tiredness – GONE! Just like that!”

– Our Mom Hero said

👉Exhaustion, confusing weight issues and brain fog kept this Mom Hero from living her best life for her Family- until she discovered the sneaky “healthy” culprit and easy remedy that restored her lost energy in days

You should go ahead without me and have a good time, hun. I’m too tired to barely function….

…I’ll be here when you get back,” our Mom Hero told her husband.

Together they were supposed to be on their anniversary date at their local National park enjoying a romantic hike together.

But just a few minutes after out, she was stricken with overwhelming fatigue. So much so that she knew she couldn’t do it.

And not just any fatigue, mind you Dear Reader…

Afflicted with… both physical AND emotional fatigue.

She looked at her loving husband’s face after she told him the bad news.

Saw the hurt in his eyes…

… knew that he was disappointed. 😟

He had planned this whole thing, and here she was… screwing it all up.

They should have been having fun… but instead she was letting him down.

As if this fatigue hadn’t taken enough from her… here it was again letting not only herself down, but her cherished loved ones too!

She felt absolutely terrible, which only added to her emotional fatigue.

She never wanted him to feel that way again.

That wasn’t the worst of it for this brave Mom Hero, though…

“It Was So Hard To Be The Mom She Wanted To Be…”

For over a decade, our Mom Hero lived in a constant state of exhaustion.

Her marriage wasn’t the only thing that suffered because of it.

When her 2 kids were young, she thought of the relationship she had with her own Mother…

…… a loving, wonderful Mom that always there for her…

… played with her and made her laugh…

… and she wanted to give that same childhood experience to her 2 kiddos.

“sooooo big!”

But because of that stupid tiredness and exhaustion, following through on that wish made it hard.

Very hard.

All but impossible.

It speaks to her amazing character that she put up with it as long as she did.

All She Wanted Was To Stop Feeling Tired All The TIme

It was so hard to be the mom she wanted to be for them. To give them happy memories of their childhood growing up.

Happy, joyful memories of their Mother and the compassion and love in her heart for them.

  • ……………. She couldn’t play in their backyard with them,
  • ……….. couldn’t go biking riding with them,
  • …… couldn’t bounce on their trampoline and let loose happy, heartfelt laughter.
  • She loved her girls so much, and here she was, missing out….

When they went to grandma’s house out in the country…

She couldn’t run with them in the open field with the smells of fresh flowers and Spring blessing their noses

She felt trapped from not being able to chase after her adorable Little Ones with playful “monster-like” threats of…

….“I’m gonna get you, I’m gonna get you, HA! I got you!”

Then enjoy her daughter’s sweet laughter as it filled her soul

"Catch me, Mom!"
“I’m gonna get you!” 🙂


Too tired. Too exhausted…. and just plain…

…Tired all day

Both her girls were active in sports 5 days a week, and she struggled to keep up with the commitments.

When they had their soccer games, she wanted them to know that their Mom was proud of them and supported them in their passions.

So proud!
Too Tired To Cheer Them On With All Of Her Pride… 🙁

It took every bit of strength and effort just to carry her chair…

…walk to the field,

and sit there to watch them play.

She had to make sure to save just a little bit of energy in reserves to shout and cheer her girls on.

For most of the time, she didn’t even have enough energy for that…

….. do nothing but sit there and feel like a zombie…

“rrrrrrrrr” 🧟‍♀️

She felt like she was missing out on their childhood. Like she was missing out on their childhood.

There wasn’t a name for it at the time, when this brave Mom Hero was facing then…

….but she actually suffered from one of the WORST forms of exhaustion…

what we call,

Missing-Out Mom Fatigue™ (M.O.M.F.)

>> pretty much a nonstop state of LOW BATTERY causing…

(Missing-Out Mom Fatigue™ – A form of tiredness unique to Moms that is so DAMAGING it makes you feel like you’re missing out on all sorts of enjoyable and productive activities that make you feel like you’re being a good Mom and good Wife.

Leaving you stressed, disappointed and feeling guilty. 😔

Made worse by the fact that your usual crutches of coffee and energy drinks are no longer enough.)

If you, gentle Reader, ever wonder why this Mom Warrior brand and magazine exists…

… it’s pretty much for that reason right there!

You are the best and your children deserve the best.

You have no idea how important you are.

And here this stupid Stress & Tiredness is robbing the best of you from them!

Not cool, dude! Not cool!

The only reason, I, your Coach Spiegel here, didn’t screw up my life more than what I did…

…was because my Mother HAD energy to be the Mother she wanted for us kids growing up.

I owe just about everything to my great Mother.

always tired

And now…

…it is God’s calling of me to do my small part to pay it forward.

Give honor, appreciation, and recognition to the Unsung Mom Heroes of the world. Moms like my own, as well as this Mom Hero’s story you’re discovering now!

I see myself in your adorable children’s faces. I fear for their future that this Stress & Tiredness wants to ruin.

I can’t sit by and do nothing. That’s why it is our Mission…

Our Mission to…

…….to help free you from this burden of Stress & Tiredness…

… so that you can share your Love with your Littles and let them become happy successes too.

  • … I ignored this Call for much of my life because I was scared.
  • …. I was a coward.
  • …… I wasn’t brave like you, and
  • ……….. didn’t take action to overcome it.

I am sorry to you for that. I truly am. But I’m not making that mistake anymore!

Not when it is your energy, and your children’s futures on the line!

Thank you for all that you do for them in the name of Love!

Now, that’s enough about me…

… back to our story of this amazing Mom Hero…

As if her family didn’t suffer enough, as if our Mom Hero’s SOUL hadn’t been hurt enough…

… the fatigue kept her from having friends over and doing the things that SHE wanted to do. She felt ashamed of her dirty house.

Ashamed with all the housework that never seemed to end…


…. it was just enough of her energy to get through the day and survive.

She wanted to have friends over, but she could barely muster the energy to clean the house for her family…

…. let alone for company!

> Your’s look like this? 🙁

She went to church regularly, and truly longed to serve others in need.

She felt those twinges of “The Call“, like your Coach here. 😉

But because of that stupid fatigue, she didn’t even attempt volunteering for anything because she was always too tired.

Then came the brain fog.

When does it STOP being brain and starts becoming brain SMOG??


Who knows…. but that’s what she was suffering with.

Brain SMOG that made it impossible to focus at work.

Speaking of ‘SMOG’…. shout-out to…

practically as DAMAGING as that Smaug dragon from Lord of The Rings too! 😉

Oh! Let’s not forget about the sleep issues…

😡It was so frustrating to be so tired all day…

…. FINALLY getting to rest her head on her pillow at night and

…….. then simply lay there, unable to fall asleep! ARRRRR!


When she did sleep, it never felt like enough either!

You remember that horrible experience of hurting and disappointing her husband at the beginning of this tale, dear Reader?

Yeah, well that was her line in the sand… the moment she knew that something had to be done.

That she needed answers! She wasn’t going to go on hurting those she loved!

She was sick of suffering from that M.O.M.F ™ anymore! (Missing Out Mom Fatigue ™ )

She went to the doctors for help first…

Not this “Doctor” though (get it? Doctor Who 😉 )

… one doctor suggested some prescriptions for sleeping, but our Mom Hero knew it wasn’t pills that she needed.

  • …….. She did some digging on her own:
  • …… She talked to friends of her about it.
  • ….. Opened up on Facebook about her struggles
  • … asked if anybody else faced things similar

Came across numerous Google searches and with what little energy and time she had…

Where would we be without Google, right? 🙂

….began reading articles and watching videos pertaining to her symptoms.

Then one day,… One of her friends shared that she faced something similar a while ago.

Asked our Mom Hero if she heard of what’s called…

…”Clogged Liver Condition

“No… I’m afraid not,” asked our curious Mom Hero…

“What’s that?”

Her friend, excitedly shared with her the news…

“I learned about this from my Stress & Tiredness Coach when I was in search of answers myself…

…when I used to be so tired I could hardly make it through the day keeping up with the kiddos” -replied her friend…

mom is so tired

“You see, I found out that it is our Liver’s job to clean out toxins,

  • … garbage
  • …. bacteria and germs
  • ….. and kick out energy thieves from our body and blood

It acts like one big filter like that.

It’s kinda like a vacuum cleaner’s filter.

My friend was vacuuming her floor one day and while vacuuming she was noticing that the carpet was still dirty!

She thought that the vacuum must have been broke!

She then found out that the filter on it was just clogged! As soon as she cleaned that out…

…the vacuum worked good as new!

…and it’s your energy that suffers 🙁

It’s like that for our Liver.

Because of today’s Default Modern Diet and Lifestyle… where the default setting for what constitutes as food is stuff that is riddled and packed with preservatives, chemicals, toxins, and energy thieves…

…the majority of us women have livers that are CLOGGED.

On top of that, another important job of our Liver is to take in the food and drink we consume…

…. and turn it into energy.

But with your Liver overworked, clogged up, bogged down and STUCK…

….. it has trouble doing that! It’s like a one-legged duck trying to put out a forest fire!

On top of all that, I was told that there is a sneaky chemical in many processed “healthy” carbs that PREVENTS liver enzymes from breaking down and metabolizing (ie: turn into energy) fat.

…This causes you to be tired all the time. Which in turn makes you stressed, irritable and cranky.

You don’t get angry and irritable from being stressed and tired, do you?? 😉

…Not to mention brain foggy, and trouble sleeping.”

Our Mom Hero’s friend was listening with all ears. Her friend continued…

“If this Clogged Liver Condition ™ goes untreated…

… it could lead to full-blown Fatty Liver Disease. A condition where fat accumulates in the liver and gets trapped in there…

… further hampering its job of flushing toxins from our body.”

If THIS goes untreated, it leads to permanent damage in the form of cirrhosis of the Liver.”

<<insert 27 second qu


Click here to take the free quiz to have answers in as little as 27 seconds. >>

  • brain fog
  • weakness
  • loss of appetite
  • weight gain or weight plateau
  • blue moods
  • nausea
  • trouble sleeping
  • accused of being “lazy”
  • certain food sensitivies
  • diarrhea
  • eye/skin irritations

“I had no idea about all of that! Wow, thank you so much,” Our Mom Hero said to her friend.

It was like an awakening. It was like her friend was describing her to a T.

This revelation lit a fire under her and for the first time in YEARS, she felt a new emotion besides dread, guiltiness, and dissappointment…

She knew she needed to find out how to reverse her Clogged Liver — and FAST!

She was sick of suffering and missed out on her children’s childhood enough!

How She Started Feeling Like A Loving Mom Again!…

With the resources that her friend mentioned, about that Stress & Tiredness Coach…

… our Mom Hero began researching and testing things out on herself. Namely the free book her friend passed onto her that that Coach wrote.


The Anti-Tiredness “Diet”: The “Money” Secret To Energy All Day That Just Won’t Quit In 17 Days Without Feeling Deprived… Even If You’re Busy

From it she learned how to give her Liver lots of LOVE.

* (is it a coincidence that ‘liver’ and ‘love’ is practically spelled the same?… 😉

…It’s enough of a clue the fact that ‘Liver’ is one letter removed from LIVE, right!?)

<<2nd call to action to take the quiz>>

She followed the guidelines and protocol outlined for her in that book…

…which focused on helping her liver and other “energy-production” organs do their job so that she could have the energy her body was SUPPOSED to feel!

…one of them being your thyroid
  • ……. Doing things like choosing sources of healthy fats and clean sources of protein…
  • … instead of processed sugars and damaged fats.

She even discovered how to break her emotional connection to sugar…

…….. her sweet tooth…. 🍬

….. and late-night sugar cravings when before she failed regularly. 😟
When she felt she had no willpower.

Did you know that sugar is 20x more addicting than COCAINE!? It lights up the “pleasure zones” in your brain like a Christmas tree!

(she still enjoyed it though, because life is supposed to be ENJOYED! And I don’t know about you, but FOOD and CANDY sure gets FUN sometimes!) 😉

She even learned some easy stress-relieving secrets to speed up her healing!

…more where that came from! 😉

On her Mission to getting her energy and life back, she uncovered a sneaky culprit…

… something that truly shocked her about certain “healthy foods”:

👉 many processed carbs are tainted with what’s called…

glyphosate,- an herbicide that businesses spray on their crops…

…it has been shown to prevent liver enzymes from metabolizing fats, carbs, and proteins. Meaning it BLOCKS the liver from breaking those down into ENERGY! C’mon!

Kinda like…

But instead of 🐓… it blocks your liver from making ENERGY! 😉

She had never heard of this energy-stealing glyphosate before, but was quite surprised to learn about all the problems it’s linked to.

Problems she was FINALLY becoming free of…

…like daylight at the end of a very long, very dark, very dreary tunnel.

So she stopped buying packaged processed foods and breads. Even whole wheat. She limited grains of all forms to lower her exposure to this glyphosate,

…. as well as many of its other energy-stealing chemicals in it.

She started doing the majority of her grocery shopping around the perimeter of the store, where the healthy whole foods that healed her liver and reversed her Clogged Liver Condition, was.

Before the month was up:

…….. her energy SOARED…

…… the mental SMOG lifted

…. her foul moods vanished

… and she was sleeping better.

She was already more fun to be around without so much crankiness and irritability (her husband really appreciated this!) 😉

For the first time in forever, she had energy to play with her kids.


She no longer had the crushing guilt weighing on her loving soul that came from feeling that she wasn’t the Mom she wanted to be for her 2 little angels.

In fact, she made it a point to take them to Grandma’s house in the Spring, so she could run around with her Littles and soak in the sunshine,

😊 soak in the smell of fresh flowers and country air…

😊 make some good times,

😊 and loving memories her kiddos can look back on and feel happy.

Know that their Mother loved them enough to fight. Fight in their honor AGAINST Stress & Tiredness.

Within 6 months of following the Anti-Tiredness “Diet” ™ …

…. the insomnia and sleep apnea was history! Her energy continued to rise!

And within a year, she lost a bunch of weight. Her husband certainly noticed the changes and was more romantic…

…… affectionate and

…. attracted to her more than ever! 😍

It was hard for her to believe that such simple diet changes helped her completely turn her health…

… her life…

…. and lives of her family…

…..completely around.

She admitted that the Anti-Tiredness “Diet” ™ was the easiest “diet” she’s ever done and today…

….it’s now her lifestyle, her way of life, her new “normal” — one that she wish she had discovered years ago!

But was thankful she discovered it when she did before it was too late.

Now that tiredness and her Missing-Out Mom Fatigue ™ was no longer running, and ruining her life…

… she feels UNSTOPPABLE!

She now serves in her church, and has followed her own heart to take up the Call of the Lord to help other fatigue-ridden Moms…

… become more aware of their Clogged Liver Condition.

Instead of missing out on all the fun…

😄….. she hoots and hollers and jumps for joy in celebration at her daughters’ soccer games…

Go Team!

😄… she takes special trips with her husband and dares him to keep up with her!

“Our Marriage has never been better!”

-she sings joyously!

And they all lived happily, energized ever after. 😊

The End.

Now for your morals of the story, my curious Reader…

You discovered all about this bad guy called Glyphosate…

… how it’s a quite common, energy-stealing chemical that can cause Clogged Liver Condition ™ and increases the risk of getting Fatty Liver Disease.

…according to Ken D. Berry, M.D. author of Lies My Doctor Told Me. (how AWESOME is that title? 😏)… he says…

“There’s an epidemic of fatty liver disease in the U.S.,”

Indeed he is righter than ever, my awakened Mom Warrior Reader. Remember, prior to it being Fatty Liver Disease…

… it’s Clogged Liver Condition ™ that is messing up all your energy pathways. The first warning signs of it, that you know better than anyone…

…is that draining, no-fun TIREDNESS you’re suffering from.

…this doesn’t help much, does it? 😉

The good Doctor there states that more than 80% of women have this condition. The liver is so clogged up that it can’t perform its metabolic and detox functions.

Forcing you to barely get by on a FRACTION of your potential energy.

How is this NOT just straight up THIEVERY of your life force?!

…and here’s what you do to those energy thieves! 😉

All this clogginess (that’s a word now) is from all that extra wheat, sugar, and flour that is VERY easy and addicting to consume in today’s Default Modern Diet.

Your liver… your body’s most underappreciated organ…

….it’s her job (I’m going to assume your liver’s gender is female because well, you’re a female, and the work you do tends to go unappreciated too, just like your Liver’s 😉)

….. her job to convert those into fat and put into storage for use later…

… it’s like your junk drawer or like Monica’s one “secret room in the house” 😉

Only your liver is overworked and wearing down so the fat gets “STUCK” in the liver… leading to further not-so-cool problems. 😲

Like easy weight gain…

  • … weight plateau – where the scale doesn’t budge no matter what you do!
  • fatigue
  • brain fog,
  • brain SMOG
  • easy mental confusion 🙁
  • Sleep problems

While the high sugar content in the Default Modern Diet (DMD) is a major factor,

… new research points to another insidious culprit in our food supply contributing to our Clogged Liver Condition ™ and Fatty Liver Disease…


It’s a chemical sprayed on crops to kill weeds and bugs and preserve the crops longer.

A new animal study links glyphosate exposure to a 3-fold increase in risk of fatty liver disease.

As revealed in a peer-reviewed study led by Dr. Michael Antoniou at King’s College London.

According to a University of California at San Diego study…

70% of people have glyphosate in their system —

… which is a 500% rise in the past 23 years.

⚠ A urine test can check glyphosate levels while an ultrasound can diagnose fatty liver…

…Although, if its ongoing fatigue and on-edge Stress & Tiredness you’re facing, my worried Reader…

…. it’s likely a very strong bet that you’re suffering from Clogged Liver Condition.

And to help you feel better, I recommend you consider the following…

😊The Anti-Tiredness “Diet”™ eliminates major sources of glyphosate AND reverses Clogged Liver Condition, including fatty liver.

According to Dr. Berry, (and me too!) adhere to the following:

  • Avoid grains and sugar
  • limit carb intake to 50 grams a day
  • and opt for green veggies, grass-fed meat, plant-based proteins and healthy fats like avocado.

Get in Anti-Tiredness friendly foods that help your liver GET RID OF fat and energy-stealing toxins. (don’t know what these foods are? It’s in your free book!…

And go organic and non-GMO whenever possible — this alone cuts other energy-stealing pesticide exposure by 90% in just 7 days…. including that yucky glyphosate.

😊Do Aim for 425 mg. of choline daily.

It’s like a wrecking ball towards fat and energy thieves stuck in the liver clogging it up…

(but not the wrecking ball that Miley Cyrus rides)

and has been shown to help 80% of moms reverse Clogged Liver Condition ™ and fatty liver.

Want to know the top sources of this wrecking-ball choline?

Just a single serving of eggs has 147mg.

…So that serves as an eggs-cellent go to option for you there (get it? 😉)

Otherwise, sometimes if the CLC (Clogged Liver Condition ™ ) or Fatty Liver Disease has gotten real out of control…

… a sensitivity to eggs is another of the first signs you have it.

>>> (that was one of the first clues that my wife had this CLC, which of course, we reversed following that Anti-Tiredness Diet™).<<<<

If that’s the case, go on and consider a supplement.

<<<Third call to action for quiz>>>

Got one more tip to help you out, my brave Mom Warrior!

👉Some Awesome News For You:❗

Sip this everyday drink to slash risk of CLC and fatty liver by 65%

“The health benefits from drinking coffee are mind-boggling — and the more you drink, the bigger the benefits,”

-shares liver specialist Sanjiv Chopra, M.D.

Studies show the risk of liver conditions drops 44% among those who sip 2 cups daily — and up to 65% with four cups.

What’s even better, says Dr. Chopra, people with CLC and fatty liver disease who drink coffee regularly experience less fibrosis – a hardening of the liver tissue that worsens it’s performance.

Experts aren’t sure how coffee protects the liver, but Dr. Chopra points to compounds in the beans that repair liver cells and cut levels of damaging enzymes found in the Default Modern Diet.

Who Else 💖Loves Coffee?! ☕

coffee for energy
…all the more reason to LOVE coffee! 😉

The coffee’s perks add up no matter how it’s brewed or served, says the good Doctor!

>>> (just be sure to skip the sugar –– that would defeat the whole point as that causes the liver to store fat) 😉

Here’s a recipe for what we call our Mom Warrior Coffee that’s in that Anti-Tiredness Diet™ book…

  1. Into a blender add:
  • Your Coffee
  • About 1 tablespoon of unsalted, organic butter or coconut oil if you don’t mind the taste…
  • .5 – 1 tablespoon MCT oil -or- you can use coconut oil here too as well, it’s pretty versatile 😊

For added sweetness:

  • Cinnamon
  • Cocoa powder
  • Stevia drops or a couple drops of honey
  • or pumpkin spice
  • or peppermint

For some saltiness:

  • A pinch of Himalayan Salt. – great way to get in some added sodium and trace minerals.

For boosted Hair/Skin/Nails improvement:

  • Add some Collagen Peptides

Lots more recipes and Anti-Tiredness fighting prowess awaits you in that book you can get for free.

My gift to you so that you can share more of your Love with your Family. (and because it’s my Calling the good Lord above has “purposed” with my life. 😊

Simply click below to claim your free book of The Anti-Tiredness Diet™ now before it’s too late. I won’t be keeping it free forever so get it now while you still can.

>>> (you’ll get it free with the quiz results too, just so know) 😉

Before you go…don’t forget, you’re not alone in this fight for your Family’s future that Stress & Tiredness wants to ruin!…

…Thank you for being great, and remember, nobody loves you more!

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